About Jurgita Petiul

So who am I?

My name is Jurgita Petiul. I was born in Lithuania and I’ve been living in Ireland since 2004.

I speak four languages: English, Lithuanian, Russian and Polish.
I love traveling, cooking, reading, planning and helping people.


My husband and I run couple successful businesses that we started together. I am a business and life coach. I am an investor. I am a happy wife and mum.


I started coaching because I knew that I can help people by sharing my experience and knowledge. I don’t practice in areas where I know I would not be able to help.

My service is not for everyone. I’m not going to swear and shout at you. I’m not going to make decisions for you.

What I will do, is I will listen and hear you, I will help you make the decisions. I will help you plan and achieve your goals. I will be independent, unjudgeable support and I will ‘kick your butt’ sometimes if you’ll need it.

I do not judge. My service is very confidential.


Why should you choose me?

I am not just all talk, I was there where you are now.
I travel a lot to understand more about different cultures and values.
I am open minded.
I am not envious.
I do not judge
I am not just listening, I hear what you say
I keep everything confidential
I keep my promise
I know how to find balance between business, your life, your family and yourself






I am here:

To listen
To support
To help you find the right decision
To give an independent opinion

I know that very often we are surrounded by people who are not telling the truth, who pretend to be friends, who don’t understand us. I am from the side to listen to you and tell you the truth.


How do I work?

I do zoom, skype or meetings in person. I can fly if it’s needed to meet you.
I am not taking every person. I believe that both sides need to feel comfortable with each other